RGR Farmhouse: Even in its disheveled state, like an old guy who’s been out on the streets alone through a few winters. shaggy and ragged, but he’s built of good stuff, still got his fingers and toes, teeth in his smile and a glint in his eye. Haircut and a bath, clean shirt and he’s someone you could spend time with, discover he’s learned a few things. He’s appreciative of the attention. And straight out of a fairy tale turns out to be your long-lost father, the wise old king.

We fill these winter days revealing his beauty. We’ve cleaned most of the filth out of the old adobe farmhouse to reveal good strong bones, cut a few cords of ratty elms to bring light to the apples, and now sit with those old lovelies to find what they need to bring fruit back to the world.

And I wondered last night, coming back from our ritual of going down to the river to pray at sunset, drink a beer, and return in the colding, how often we will do that once we have cozy roofs over our heads, hot showers and electric light with which to cheat the sun.